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 Introduction to MI

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PostSubject: Introduction to MI   Introduction to MI EmptyFri Oct 04, 2013 5:23 am

my immortal plot basics
Before you read about 'species' and 'supernatural beings', please know that our website is not founded strictly on the supernatural realm of role-playing. While we do have many species (such as vampires, werewolves, etc...) we also have many humans that we have incorporated into our unique little world here.

The website plot takes place in the present year in Mystic Falls, Virginia, America, where it is easier for large covens of vampires, packs of werewolves, groups of magicians, and so on and so forth to remain beneath the human radar due to the large population of this country.

The town of Mystic Falls is populated by 24 different species:
Vampires, demon, ghosts, werecreatures, phoenixes, ghouls, leviathans, zombies, angels, djinns, humans, shape-shifters, soul-eaters, magicians, mermaids, sprites, selkies, mesulines, elves, drows, skin-walkers, centaurs, kitsunes, hybrids.

my immortal's fandoms
What more could you be looking for in regards to our plot? Well, perhaps knowing what sorts of fandoms we support since so many fandoms exist and so many people are looking for good, active role-plays centring around their favourite fandoms!

We accept characters from any television series, book series or film series so long as they can be adapted correctly into our website's plot and so long as their species, abilities and so on and so forth meet our guidelines.


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Introduction to MI
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