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 Rules - Mandatory

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Rules - Mandatory Empty
PostSubject: Rules - Mandatory   Rules - Mandatory EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 8:51 am

These are the rules of our lovely community. Please read through these and try your best to follow them. If you have any questions about any of these don't hesitate to ask.

Register with the first and last name of your character, with proper capitalization.
When you register with a canon, the registration acts as a reservation. You have a week to post at least a WIP (work in progress) app or let staff know you still intend on taking the character before the week is up or the account will be deleted.

Respect everyone. Do not bash any fandom on this site.
You don't even have to like all of the fandoms, but by RPing here, you are working with people that do.

You DO NOT have to know everything about every fandom on this site.
This site is very AU, and there is a lot of info to discover during the RP. But you are only REQUIRED to read the rules and the information of your species.

You're allowed to have as many characters as you desire.
Each player is allowed an unlimited amount of characters as long as you are capable of it. If you know you can't then just don't bother. You are only allowed 3 canons per fandom and they cannot be opposite leads. (for example, you cannot play both Stefan & Damon, Spike & Drusilla, Sam & Dean, or Mitchell & George).

To introduce a species that is not acknowledged on the board, PM an admin about it.
There are some species that aren't mentioned. These species could be acceptable, just PM the admins.

A plot that kills off a canon character must be approved by staff. Original characters and NPCs may die at the RPer's discretion.

Keep the integrity of the original content in mind.
Play with the world as realistically as you can, be creative, take liberties - just try not to make a canon character an original character.

Smut/pornographic writing.  
Do not be afraid to include sex in posts, write about sex, etc. Just when things get too graphic, gloss over (or allude towards) what comes next or fade to black. We just want to reach a compromise between the different levels for each person while also trying to maintain a reasonably inclusive board that is comfortable for many players to read and write.

A minimum of two GOOD paragraphs (about 4 sentences each) per post. All writing must be readable, have decent grammar, and be in 3rd person past tense.
We are an intermediate/advanced site but this does not mean you have to write 1000 words a post. Varied post lengths makes thread more dynamic and eliminates the stress of worrying about word counts. Remember, people have different posting styles (which can also depend on the character) so post lengths may differ between players.

As long as you move the role play along with your post, give enough for those in the role play to work with and respond to, and put some thought into the post - short posts are nothing to apologise for.

No godmodding, no powerplaying, and no mary sues allowed.
This is a standard role playing rule, but if you don't know the definitions of these terms, the links we provided above will help you. Practice good RP etiquette - communicate, communicate, communicate.

This site is NOT just about shipping.
Do not take offence, get mad, or stop RPing with people just because a character isn't following a favourite shipping, so long as the pairing makes the two role players happy.

Fandom Plotting FYI
Over the extended time this site has been open, we have followed the plots of the shows loosely. We are very AU, but we do draw inspiration from what the shows are doing in their story lines.

No spamming, advertising, impersonating, creating and/or instigating drama in the cbox please.


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Rules - Mandatory
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